Vendor Agreement and Terms

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  • For Cancellations, Vendors must email Manager at info at by noon on Wednesday to cancel.
  • Weekly Vendors will be charged the full fee if space is allotted for them and they don’t show.
  • If there are arrival issues, text the Manager at 314-913-6632 on Saturday by 7:00am and on Wednesday by 3:00pm.


  • Vendors are required to stay for the whole market time, unless there’s an emergency.
  • No driving on market site after 8:00am.
  • For Saturday’s Market; Vendors must be in their space by 8:00am or they may forfeit their space. No driving on market site after 8:00am.
  • For Wednesday’s Market: Vendors must be in their space by 3:30pm or they may forfeit their space.  No driving on market site after 3:30pm
  • Vendors must notify Manager in advance if an early, preplanned departure is necessary.


  • Vendors are responsible for removing all of their own trash and recyclables
  • Trash may be put in the tan dumpster and recyclables in the blue dumpster behind the west shed.
  • Do not place trash in the market’s brown trash bins. These are only for customers.
  • Vendors must pick up any debris and clean up any spilled liquids in their spaces.


The Market Organizer (MAFM) protects the U City Farmers Market and its vendors’ customer base by not allowing petitioning, canvassing and solicitation by outside organizations and businesses on the day of market. (See our Policies and Regulations on the Vendor Resources page).

  • Vendors are asked to do the same for the market and their fellow vendors.
  • Vendor may not engage in solicitation, collection drives, political, or religious activities in the Market.
  • Vendors may not solicit or petition the markets’ customers to sign up for CSA, home or other delivery services while at Market.


  • Vendors shall indemnify and hold Midwest Association of Farmers Markets (“MAFM”), Rodan Management, and University City; their employees, agents, or officials harmless from and against liability, claims, demands, whether public or private, arising out of or in connection with any act, omission or misconduct by their employees, vendors, attendees or agents.
  • These provisions shall survive the expiration of this Agreement.
  • MAFM secures facility use agreements with the City of University City and Rodan Management to host the U City Farmers Market. Agreement updates may occur due to unforeseen circumstances such as utility or public works issues, natural disasters or ownership changes. MAFM will notify vendors if any changes occur which necessitate alterations to the market’s venue or operations.
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